“The foundational principles of leadership remain the same and apply to all. I trust that these quotes will help and inspire you on your leadership journey.”

1. “If you aren’t all in, you’ll be frustrated by the halfhearted attempt.” -JSP

2. “Motivating affirmations and accurately detailed action plans fail at the point of inconsistency.” -JSP

3. “Personal Character Development Precedes Developing People of Character.” – JSP

4. “Vision adds no value to an organization when it contradicts its culture.” -JSP

5. “Help People Believe in Themselves and They’ll Believe in You.” -JSP

6. “It’s infinitely more productive to lose count when counting your blessings than it is to lose your blessings counting your problems.” – JSP

7. “I would rather step out in ignorance failing in the attempt of something valuable than to sit back finding fault with others while attempting nothing.” -JSP

8. “An education can be obtained through reading books, reading people can only be achieved through relational experience.” -JSP

9. “The spirit of excellence is easily recognized by its high level achievements.” -JSP

10. “Our Legacy reflects our lifelong attention to detail. The life lived unintentionally leaves a legacy of insignificance unconsciously earned.” – JSP

11. “It is the results of my decisions that are responsible for my failures, and maintaining valuable relationships are responsible for my successes.” – JSP

12. “Respectful leaders respect people enough to take them to the next level.” – JSP

13. “We experience the breakthrough in the areas we think through.” -JSP

14. “If our companies aren’t meeting the stated desires of our customers why should our customers desire our companies?” – JSP

15. “Thorough preparation positions you to answer the door when opportunity knocks.” -JSP

16. “Love God Love People and practice all that it entails.” -JSP

17. “Lifelong Learners never allow their chronology to drive their psychology. Current awareness is priceless” -JSP

18. “If leadership were a building, character would be the solid foundation responsible for supporting the structure that stands on it.” – JSP

19. “The valuable Legacies of genuine Leaders are vividly illustrated in the quality of leaders they leave behind.” -JSP

20. “From the womb of self-perception are born our thoughts, words, and behaviors.” -JSP

21. “Connecting with people on a deeper level requires more than just positive personality traits” -JSP

22. “Effectively planning for tomorrow enables you to visualize doing it today.” -JSP

23. “If a person is known by the company they keep it must also be true that a company is known by the people they keep.” -JSP

24. “No amount of talent can sustain growth without a commitment to consistency. ” – JSP

25. “Always remind yourself that without your team you cannot accomplish your dream.” – JSP

*All quotes are my own proven true by my many mistakes along the way. – JSP

* Photo by John S Picarello