JUST A THOUGHT… Friendship With God

Abraham’s Blessings are the result of listening and believing God, and God called Abraham His friend! There’s nothing in the Scriptures to indicate that anything has changed. With God there is no shadow of turning.

What an empowering thought; We are all designed for friendship with God! Our trust in God’s words coupled with our cooperation, have power to bring about the fulfillment of every promise He gives us.

The Genesis narrative of Abraham is as simple as it is miraculous. Keep in mind God initiated the promise of incomprehensible blessings. Abraham only needed to believe and follow instructions.

The lesson? Nothing is impossible with faith in God. All we need is a commitment to friendship with Him, and a well thought out action plan to accomplish the dream He’s given us.” …It’s Just a Thought -JSP

* Photo by John S Picarello