“What we value most determines our future level of influence” -JSP

The Plumbline is used to test for verticle alignment as well as verifying the depth of water. Like the Plumbline, the truth is used to discover one’s alignment with their designed purpose, and verify the depth of one’s character and the quality of their core values. 

Your life tells a story, having depth of character aligned with purpose enables you to write a happy ending that leaves an inspiring legacy.  Your past may be an indicator of who you were, but change renders it powerless to predict who you will be. 

Give People Your Best

  • Realize your potential 
  • Be energized by the possibilities
  • Raise the bar on your leadership ability
  • Empower others to do the same 

 May you be blessed and be well! – John S Picarello     My 911 Testimony                                                                                                                                


John is a Retired New York City Firefighter, a Pastor, teacher, and transformational leader with experience in non-profits, business management, and leadership development, he’s an Independent Certified Coach with The John Maxwell Team.   





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