Retired New York City Firefighter, Public Speaker, Leader, Teacher, Writer, Pastor, Coach., approaching life with Simple Faith, Following Simple Instructions, Receiving Extraordinary Results. I believe in the best in people and their God-given potential to become everything they were born to be and do.

I Believe We Are All Designed to Live Love Laugh and Lead!
LIVE – Live life to your fullest, be all in all the time where ever you are whoever you’re with. Bring your best self with all your gifts and talents and share the experience.
LOVE – Love God with all your heart mind soul and strength. Love and respect all people all the time as God unconditionally loves you.
LAUGH – If I cannot laugh at myself I’m taking life too seriously. Embrace yourself in totality, your gifts, talents, personality, and flaws… we’re all a work in progress. Enjoy the journey!
LEAD – Be an example of the good life, lead from your heart, love and respect all people, empower them to be a positive influence, connecting with their purpose, and leaving an inspiring legacy. Always give people your best!

Thank you for visiting my site. May you be blessed and be well! – John S. Picarello

911 Testimony


Billy Graham Crusade at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in New York June 2005

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