“The foundational principles of leadership remain the same and apply to all. I trust that these quotes will help and inspire you on your leadership journey.”

1. “Time cannot be harnessed or stopped but, we can learn to cooperate with it to our advantage.” -JSP

 2. “Our Thoughts will Govern how we live and make us the Victor or the Victim” – JSP

3. “I’m convinced the practice of believing the best in people and helping them see it in themselves is the ultimate game-changer.” -JSP

4. “Success isn’t an event but a lifestyle not randomly bestowed, but intentionally earned.” -JSP

5. “An empowering culture is the ever-present force behind an organization’s long-term success.” -JSP

6. “Leaders who are purposefully relational and empowering will secure lasting impact for the greater good.” – JSP

7. “The difference between those who wish for a win, and those with the will to win, is persistence and a well thought out game plan.” – JSP

8. “When I change the way I’m looking at things the things I’m looking at change.” -JSP

9. “Your past may be an indicator of who you were, but change renders it powerless to predict who you will be.” – JSP

10. “Every exchange between two or more parties are governed by the internal principles of one or more seeking the exchange.” – JSP

11. “Lifelong learners know that from your living room to the board room, life becomes your classroom.” -JSP

12. “Our thoughts pave the way for future success or failure. Carry the flashlight of optimism through the dark times!” -JSP

13. “When you are clear on your objectives, knowing your “why,” your thoughts, decisions and actions will point in one direction.” -JSP

14. “Mutually valuable relationships always create more empowering work environments.”-JSP

15. “Daily remind yourself, without your team; your vision is reduced to wishful thinking.” -JSP

16. “A Personal development program will broaden your horizon, make you more intuitive, more productive, and foster a positive outlook for the future.” -JSP

17. “Almost anyone will answer a call for help at 4:00 in the afternoon, it’s the people you can call at 4:00 in the morning that matter.” -JSP

18. “The road to significance is achieved by one collaborative step at a time.” -JSP

19. “Mastery requires self-discipline nothing of lasting value happens without it.” -JSP

20. “Truth always stands the test of time; truth will always outlast duplicity because it remains consistent within itself.” -JSP

21. “A person of influence commands respect by their excellent character, while someone without influence demands it by leveraging their position.” – JSP

22. “Good managers model balance and stability, good leaders model growth” – JSP

23. “High Performers execute in a timely manner more consistently” – JSP

24. “People will gravitate toward leaders with a compelling vision, but are more productive with those they can trust. Connectivity provides security.” -JSP

25. “Focus your thoughts on the specifics at hand, rather than your thoughts about your tasks in general.” – JSP

*All quotes are my own proven true by my many mistakes along the way. – JSP