“The foundational principles of leadership remain the same and apply to all. I trust that these quotes will help and inspire you on your leadership journey.”

  1. “Great leaders aren’t necessarily standing head and shoulders above other leaders, they’re standing on the shoulders of the effective teams they assemble” -JSP
  2. “Courage runs deeper than conduct and valor is much more than victory, both speak to the character that sustains the conduct that produces the victory… winning always begins within.” -JSP
  3. “The greatest obstacles we will ever face in our pursuit of excellence come not from our circumstances but from ourselves” -JSP
  4. “There is no failure when setbacks are viewed as starting again with wisdom gained” -JSP
  5. “What’s within you will outlive what’s around you” -JSP
  6. “You can never be truly satisfied with anything less than living in line with who you are on the inside” -JSP
  7. “Life is always in session are you attending classes?” -JSP
  8. “There are times when I’m connecting the pieces of the puzzle and there are times when I’m puzzled by the pieces” -JSP
  9. “Opportunity knocks foreveryone, opening the door is a personal decision” -JSP
  10. “Dreams have no expiration dates, they await the removal of limited thinking. Discover the amazing power of an imagination directed with purpose” -JSP
  11. “Keeping pace with the rising and setting of the sun on our life’s purpose is the sign of a life that’s been well lived ” -JSP
  12. “Have high quality core values, people are following you. Lead with the heart of a compass and the mind of a plumb line” -JSP
  13. “Focused thinking clarifies objectives, like a laser it directs its power to hit its target, prolonged dreaming enables procrastination” -JSP
  14. “Let integrity and high moral principles guide your thoughts and you’ll be free from the victim mentality that plagues so many.” -JSP
  15. “Success will find you in the very place you’re helping others experience it.”-JSP
  16. “The truth may sometimes be stranger than fiction but, it’s still easier to remember.” -JSP
  17. “Value authenticity, if you can’t keep it real don’t keep it.”-JSP
  18. “Live life loving people into the lifestyle of doing the same.” -JSP
  19. “I’d rather be teachable gaining wisdom than successfully arrogant learning nothing.” -JSP
  20. Mutual honesty and vulnerability enhance our level of connectedness.” -JSP
  21. “Great leaders may be born for their time but, they trained for their moment.” -JSP
  22. “Presence will give you power Principles give you direction” -JSP
  23. Secure Leaders get the most from their teams by managing their relationships.” -JSP
  24. Authenticity begins at the point of accepting who we are as we are.” -JSP
  25. Whether leading through good times or difficult times you will always be at your best when you’re being yourself.” – JSP

*All quotes are my own proven true by my many mistakes along the way.

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