JSP Quotes 2

“I’m a firm believer in the fact that leadership is leadership, regardless of your vocation. Throughout history irrespective of the times, cultural values, and status in society; The foundational principles of leadership remain the same and apply to all. I trust that these quotes will help and inspire you on your leadership journey.” – JSP

  1. “Successful people are those who are prepared to answer the door when opportunity knocks.”-JSP
  2. “If we give people more than they pay for, they’ll soon be paying us to give them more.” -JSP
  3. “View every setback as a comma in your sentence of success.” – JSP
  4. “Integrity is always your best business reference.” -JSP
  5. “I know of no better way to validate and add value to people then to sincerely listen to what they have to say.” -JSP
  6. “Commit to making the rest of this year your best. Let your agenda reflect your values & Be relentless.” JSP
  7. “Good Leaders take the road less traveled, Great Leaders carve out their own.”-JSP
  8. “Everyone needs help when it comes to reaching their potential.” -JSP
  9. “Be a positive influence on others. There’s no way to calculate the generations that will be impacted by those you’re adding value to today.”-JSP
  10. “Executing a well thought out action plan is the difference between a Vision and a Daydream.”-JSP
  11. “Leaders are lifelong learners who Lead with diligence, because the returns are astronomical.”-JSP
  12. “The odds for success change dramatically in your favor when your dream owns you.”-JSP
  13. “Good character is a Leaders best business card, Don’t Leave Home Without It” – JSP
  14. “Be the example of what you communicate and your own life will speak volumes to the people”-JSP
  15. “The Power of Intentionally focused thinking is underrated by those without priorities.” -JSP
  16. “You’ve been given the power of choice, choose the high road of integrity.”-JSP
  17. “Good leadership with passion and the will to win will drive your vision” -JSP
  18. “Knowing when to say “No” keeps us in our lane of purpose while on the road to destiny. – JSP
  19. “If I do not have a personal purpose statement how will I ever be able to personally state my purpose?” -JSP
  20. “Never underestimate the power of good thoughts, better futures are created by setting good ideas in motion today” -JSP
  21. “The Golden Rule – As timeless as it is priceless. If you want to be golden, follow the rule.” – JSP
  22. “Stopping to think about where it’s all going will save us from having to stop and think about where it all went.”-JSP
  23. “The School of humility has no graduates, yet it continues to produce countless success stories”-JSP
  24. “Be thoughtful and thoroughly Intentional in how you build, your future depends on it”-JSP
  25. “The Culture we develop defines us, and will be the driving force behind all we do.” -JSP

*All quotes are my own proven true by my many mistakes along the way.