Friendship Counts

Genesis 15:6 
“Abram believed the LORD, and he credited it to him as righteousness.”

It is interesting to note that Abram’s focus was on God and not the promise. This passage states that he “believed the Lord.” By placing his faith in God trusting completely in His integrity, Abram knows that God will not disappoint him. He is convinced that God will keep His promise. 

By trusting God Abram places himself and the entire matter in God’s hands. He is secure in his friendship with God, and knowing that God is absolutely trustworthy he can rest completely on anything He says to him. Knowing God is personal and requires intimacy.

There is no struggle to believe a promise when you know the person who makes it. This is why hearing God’s voice is so important. Can you imagine trying to develop a friendship without dialogue? Friendships are built upon trust, and that trust is in the character of the other person. When you trust the person completely it’s easy to believe what they say.

Abram was “fully persuaded that God had power to do what he had promised”(Romans 4:21). Notice here again his focus was God’s character and ability. Taking the time to develop an intimate friendship with God requires time. As you become more familiar with Him your confidence in Him will grow. When your confidence is in Him personally, having faith in His Word is automatic.

Develop your friendship with God; be relentless in your pursuit of intimacy with Him. Ask Him about Himself and wait for His response, really get to know Him personally and Be Encouraged.

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