A Solid Foundation for Life

God’s Word stands firm forever. God Himself is eternal and unchanging, so is every word that He speaks. You can count on it, if God had given you a promise He will watch over it to see that it is fulfilled. Your responsibility is only to comply with any conditions attached to that promise. 

Using the Word of God in prayer will always lead you into new realms of understanding who He is and how He does things; this will have a transforming effect on every aspect of your life.

When God’s Word is received in your heart it changes your life. The Holy Spirit uses God’s Word to change your thinking which in turn changes your conduct. We have been speaking about friendship with God and the power of His Word. Walking closely with God brings you under the influence of His Presence and the powerful effects of His life transforming Word.

Here David understands that the Word of God is supernatural and eternal in nature. Filling your heart and mind with God’s Word causes infinite possibilities to open before you. The regenerative power within God’s Word can change your circumstances as well as your very nature. 

David rested on the infallible authority of God inherent in His Word, and so can you. Just as God’s Word stands firm in the heavens, it will cause you to stand firm on the earth. God’s Word will bring stability to your character has He brings changes into your life, making you absolutely solid under all circumstances.

Jesus in Matthew 7:24-25 teaches that living by the Word of God gives you a solid foundation for life. Let the storms rage and the flood waters flow, you will stand firm through all of it because of the unchanging power of God’s Word within you.

So, Read God’s Word carefully. Write down the promises and remember them. Hide the Word in you heart, Walk it out in life and talk to others about the powerful things God has done for you because of His Word, and Be Encouraged.