When God Speaks

Matthew 8:13
“Then Jesus said to the centurion, “Go! Let it be done just as you believed it would.” And his servant was healed at that moment.”

One word from God’s mouth carries influence over the entire created order. Here the centurion believed that there was power in the words Jesus spoke. Jesus marveled at his faith and spoke the words he was waiting to hear.

It is worth noticing that the centurion waited in the Presence of Jesus until He spoke those words to him. Oh what power there is in God’s Word spoken to those who wait on Him to speak to them. Faith to believe that God will grant whatever you ask in prayer comes from resting on His promises, and waiting for Him to speak.

Your faith begins where God’s will is known. Knowing the promises in God’s Word gives you the confidence to wait in His Presence until you hear Him speak. It is that confidence that God will do what He’s promised which causes you to hear what is promised from God Himself. People who are impatient do not wait long enough to hear God speak His confirming His Word to them.

The centurion was confident that Jesus would heal his servant, and he waited until Jesus spoke the word to him. This is the most powerful aspect of God’s Word in prayer. You need to hear the voice of God who gave you the promises to believe in. The voice that calmed the storm and raised the dead is the same voice that will confirm to you that your request has been granted.

So take time to fill your heart and mind with the promises found in God’s Word. Being familiar with God’s promises gives you confidence to ask for those things you need. Ask God anything according to His Word, wait in His Presence until He speaks granting your request, and Be Encouraged.


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