Revealed Truth

Psalm 119:130
“The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple.”

Here is a statement about the amazing power of God’s word to shed light on any mystery, even the simplest soul will gain understanding in the Light of God’s word revealed.

God’s word will illuminate the darkest recesses of any heart opened to His voice. God’s word revealed sharpens the mind, strengthens the soul, and transforms the character of anyone who’ll take the time to meditate on it and practice it. 

All power in prayer comes from God’s Presence and His Word when He speaks it. His will for you and I has already been revealed to us by the Holy Spirit through His word. If you will take the time to learn how to apply the word of God properly, your life will be completely transformed by the power inherent in it. The very power of God is in the words He speaks.

It’s all in how you handle what God has revealed to you through His word that brings His answers to prayer, thus building your faith and changing your life. Once you have it firmly anchored in your heart that it’s God Himself speaking to you through the word, your entire being will become flooded with the light of understanding.

So, spend some time in God’s presence waiting for light from Heaven. Allow His word to fill your heart and mind, Use what He speaks to you as part of your prayers. Your faith will begin to grow as God unfolds His word to you, and you will Be Encouraged. -JSP


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