90 Days of Prayer – Day Thirty Three “The Stability of a Hearing Heart”


90 Days of Prayer – Day Thirty Three

“The Stability of a Hearing Heart”

Hebrews 2:1
“We must pay the most careful attention, therefore, to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away.”
Sometimes your prayer time can be a constant flow of your own thoughts and your own words rushing like a river toward God, without spending a moment to wait on His response. At times we all seem to be the pilot at the controls of our own prayer plane, flying wherever we wish and sometimes landing at no place in particular.
The practice of quietly waiting for God’s thought and words will gradually take you away from all that activity and verbal clutter. Surrendering yourself to God’s will, allowing His desires to flow into your heart, will certainly change your perspective of life in general.
It’s in a wholehearted surrender and your stillness before God that you’ll hear Him speak. It is nothing less than a full surrender to God’s Word that will please Him, and satisfy you. God’s amazing grace will flow like a river toward you with each word He speaks, as you calmly wait for Him. This is the source of the more abundant life Jesus speaks about.
In Solitude and Silence you cease from all your own activities, as you are being filled with the calmness of God’s own peace. His agenda becomes your desire, His love becomes your life, His wisdom becomes your solution to every problem, and His answer to your every question becomes your experience.
So wait for God to speak, hold tightly to every word, be secure in His hands, and Be Encouraged.

John S Picarello