Hear what God is saying

Hear what God is saying


Psalm 85:8
“Let me hear what God the LORD says; he promises peace to his people, his faithful servants…”

The practice of patiently waiting for God to speak is one aspect of regular prayer that is too often neglected. Some of the most powerful moments alone with God will happen after you stop speaking and quietly wait for God to respond.
There is an ancient practice commonly known as “solitude and silence.” This practice has been a most powerful component to my own prayer life. It is really quite simple, and yet at the same time not so easy.

Solitude and silence will simply require you to sit quietly for a few minutes to allow what is often hidden and suppressed way down deep within your soul to be expressed to God, and then wait and hear whatever God will say in response.
In our hectic society we have developed a culture of moving too rapidly through life, often missing so much of the beauty that is all around us. Practicing solitude and silence will help you to slow down enough to actually connect with what resides deep within your heart.

Your mind is prone to do so much thinking that you’re often unable to express the deepest desires of your heart. This will clearly be seen when you first attempt to quiet your mind before God.
Sit for a minute, exhale and relax, do not try to make anything happen. Simply sit quietly in God’s presence for five minutes. This may seem at first to be a long time, but your goal is to allow what is deep within your heart to find expression before God. Do not stress over how you’ll know when some deep heartfelt desire has expressed itself… you’ll know.
You might even be surprised at what arises from your own heart, but don’t be in a hurry, just continue to wait long enough to hear whatever God wants to say to you. Write in your prayer journal what has come up from your own heart, and, whatever God has spoken to you in response. This entire practice may take as little as five or ten minutes at first.
So, wait on the Lord, be patient, and Be Encouraged. – JSP


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