“Faith and Friendship with God”

Psalm 65:2 

…You who answer prayer, to you all people will come.

 One cannot read through the Bible without noticing two things; first, that God desires to answer prayer. Second, God builds relationships with people. In fact, God’s character alone inspires the desire to get to know Him better. A growing relationship with God causes a high degree of confidence in Him to grow in our heart. It is this confidence that comes from God that makes your prayers so effective.

Here the Psalmist is just declaring a fact about knowing God. When you get to know Him, you will experience an increased desire to be with Him more often. The deeper your desire, the deeper your relationship with God, the deeper your relationship, the stronger your faith will be; this why the people who know Him best are the people who keep coming to Him. Knowing God intimately is the whole point of the Christian life.

A deepening intimate fellowship with God is the secret to having strong faith and a successful prayer life. It’s been said that fellowship with God is the birthplace of faith. Your faith in God will be in direct proportion to your personal knowledge of Him. Just read Hebrews chapter eleven and you will see for yourself that all the people of great faith, lived a life of intimate fellowship with God.

You too will develop great faith by simply spending time alone with God, and enjoying your fellowship with Him.  The more you are personally acquainted with Him, the more you will desire to be alone with Him. Your growing intimacy with God will give way to a growing expectancy that He will answer your prayers.

 Be much alone with God, and Be Encouraged! -JSP 


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