90 Days of Prayer – Day Twenty Five “Fixed Hour Prayer”

Psalm 119:164
“Seven times a day I praise you for your righteous laws.”

This passage has been an inspiration to many throughout the centuries. From Old Testament times people have marked out set times of day to pray regularly; this practice is commonly known as “Fixed-hour Prayer,” “The Divine Hours,” or simply “Praying the Hours.” I practice some form of this in my own life, and introduced it to our Church several years ago during a session of Prayer School (which we conduct twice a year).
These set times for prayer usually begin at the start of each day, possibly at 6:00am and continues at three hour intervals until evening. So after the call to morning prayers people could go about their daily routines; stopping for a few minutes to pray again at 9:00am, then 12 noon, 3:00pm, and evening prayer at 6:00pm. Finally some time before going to bed for the night. The final prayer time of course depended on each person’s regular bedtime, so that was not assigned a fixed hour.
This ancient practice is an excellent way to keep God in your thoughts throughout the day. Taking a few minutes several times a day will help you reconnect with God, and leave you with the sense of His presence with you all day long. You will never feel as though you’re far away from Him when you know you’ll be meeting with Him again in a few hours.
There are many written prayers that can be read during your fixed times of prayer. There are set prayers, and Scriptures that can be read aloud or sung to God. Many books have been written to assist people in keeping this ancient devotion. I highly recommend you adopt some form of this time honored practice, adding it to your daily routine. This will certainly help you to practice praying regularly.
I keep a direct link to one sight on my mobile phone, and use it often reading the passages and the prayers. Some of the prayers may differ from certain Christian traditions, if that’s the case then simply read the Scriptures and talk with God for a few moments. The Passages and the prayers will change in three hour intervals.
There are many websites you can visit, here’s the link I have on my phone http://explorefaith.org/prayer/fixed/hours.php 

Fixed hour prayer regardless of the format you use will enrich your life…Be Encouraged  – JSP 

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