JUST A THOUGHT… Pursue Your Vision

Everyone has a dream, by contemplating its possibilities a vision emerges. If you’re passionate enough to your pursue that vision it will begin to recreate your current reality.

Your vision will come with a price tag, and it will challenge your commitment to paying it. It will require self-discipline, focused thinking, self-awareness, and the help of others.

Your vision will force you to build on your strengths and address your weaknesses. It will test and strengthen your willingness to change.

Your vision will empower you to overcome fears and break self-limiting beliefs. And, in the end, the person you become will always far exceed the price you pay… It’s just a thought. -JSP

End Notes

(1) Adapted from “The Overwhelming Power of Vision”   https://bit.ly/3VmK4bN – The JSP Journal (June 29, 2017)

* Photo by John S Picarello


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