Thank you Father, For Your goodness I will praise Your name for ever. Daily I rise to meet You in the morning. You Lord are most worthy to be praised, even at the rising of the sun. Who can fathom your greatness and gentleness to those who love You?

I have found You trustworthy in fulfilling all your promises, and faithful in all You do. I know without doubt I can lean on You, and when I am failing I am held in Your hands.

Lord, I will look to You, and wait, I will remain content in Your Presence, for all my hope is in You.

Divine Response

I will uphold you, It is My desire to lift you up when you are struggling under the weight of difficulties. I am near you when you call on Me.

My thoughts toward you are always good, I love you and watch over you. Know that I am righteous in all my ways and faithful in all I do.

I am always near you and listening when you call. I will fulfill your desires because you love me; I always hear your cry and I will save you. -JSP

(Adapted from Psalm 145 a song of David)

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