“The foundational principles of leadership remain the same and apply to all. I trust that these quotes will help and inspire you on your leadership journey.”

  1. “Vision will not change an organization for the better without influencer buy- ins.” -JSP
  2. “Help people believe in themselves and they’ll be adding value to your leadership.” -JSP
  3. “People buying into an organization’s culture that matches its vision, is so transformational that the rising tide of expectations become contagious.” – JSP
  4. “You can choose to change with current trends now or forced to be changed by them later.” – JSP
  5. “People will value our product to the degree we valued the process it took to produce it.” -JSP
  6. “Far too many gifted people are driven not by visions of success but by the fear of failure.” – JSP
  7. “Lifelong learners become Lifelong earners.”-JSP
  8. “A quiet mind and a peaceful heart produces few words, each one worth its weight in gold.” -JSP
  9. “Wisdom and the strength of good character will always outlast and accomplish more than personality, gifts, and talent alone.” -JSP
  10. “It is Gratitude born in the heart that allows Thanksgiving to flow from our lips.” – JSP
  11. “We discover our potential when we comprehend our purpose.” -JSP
  12. “Nothing brings us before the mirror of self-awareness like the truth about ourselves” -JSP
  13. “The focused life: We have two eyes, two ears, and one mind. To keep Priorities follow your conscience.” -JSP
  14. “Leaders with an interest in others are producing value. Leaders with an investment in others are building legacies.” -JSP
  15. “A realistic detailed time sensitive action plan is the only path to consistently realize objectives.”
  16. “You must know yourself before you can be yourself.” -JSP
  17. “Success is a mountain whose peak we never reach, because success is a journey not a destination.” -JSP
  18. “The seeds of our greatest contributions to tomorrow’s Leaders are present within us today.” -JSP
  19. “The road to significance is paved with relationships.” -JSP
  20. “The well planned journey back from failure is often the high road to a brighter future.” -JSP
  21. “The speculator speculates, the participator participates, and the procrastinator dissipates, who’s on your team?” – JSP
  22. “If we adopt a lifestyle that excludes God, we are left with a life to be lived at the mercy of men.” -JSP
  23. “Opportunity knocks for everyone, but the road to achievement is only traveled by those who open the door.” -JSP
  24. “Self-awareness will always direct us in the areas of our giftedness.” -JSP
  25. “If you want to catch a glimpse of the future observe the character of children at play today.” -JSP

*All quotes are my own proven true by my many mistakes along the way.