1. “Freedom opens our eyes to possibilities, inspires our imagination to dream, create, and appreciate the dignity of humankind.” -JSP

2. “The old barn can still hold a harvest inspite of its age. Never believe your best years are behind you, there’s always room for one more harvest.” -JSP

3. “One is an awful multiplier because Two is the minimal requirement for synergy.”-JSP

4. “Opportunities are more consistently discovered when we’re looking than when we’re lucky.” -JSP

5. “Good character is a by-product of personal internal management.” -JSP

6. “Being ready to capitalize on future opportunities always begins by taking risks today.” -JSP

7. “Significance is never achieved through accomplishments in your lifetime; it’s achieved by what your followers accomplish in theirs.” -JSP

8. “The Good News – Unmerited Favor, God redeeming people to unleash their full potential so they can accomplish what they were designed to do.”-JSP

9. “You may have a Billion dollar idea, but it takes many talented people to make it a reality” -JSP

10. “Adding value to people is commendable, revealing its presence within them is generational.”- JSP

11. “How well we address an issue with someone reveals our estimation of them.” -JSP

12. “Success is spelled P-r-i-o-r-i-t-i-e-s.” -JSP

13. “Until we understand the other person’s  perspective we will continue to live in two different worlds.” -JSP

14. “Too many gifted people are wasting too much precious time neglecting their priorities chasing someone else’s responsibility.” -JSP

15. “Whatever your task whatever your dream remember yesterday’s gone, tomorrow’s never guaranteed. Start now.”-JSP

16. “The wisdom and insights into mortality come to the lifelong learner later in life.” -JSP

17. “Self-awareness brings us to the reality that even in our uniqueness, we are in many ways just like everyone else.” -JSP

18. “Winning in life begins with knowing how to use what we have instead of wasting our time wishing we had something else.” -JSP

19. “Optimism, undaunted by failure, generates perseverance, which in turn develops character.”-JSP

20. “If you continue building on personality gifts and talents instead of good character in dealing with people, you will always end up being manipulative.” -JSP

21. “You’ll never be more at peace with yourself and others than when you’re comfortable with being vulnerable with those around you.” -JSP

22. “A great way to start leading by example is to ask nothing more of others than you’re willing to ask of yourself.” -JSP

23. “Have the utmost confidence in your God given abilities, keep a humble mind, a charitable heart, do all you can to help others be their best, and success will find you.” -JSP

24. “We will rise and fall in accordance with the commitments we keep.” -JSP

25. “Life is a Marathon, and like all good runners you will sometimes have to run through the pain to finish the race.” -JSP

All quotes are my own proven true by my many mistakes along the way.

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