“The foundational principles of leadership remain the same and apply to all. I trust that these quotes will help and inspire you on your leadership journey.”

  1. “Many wait for changes in the world around them. By focusing on improving ourelves we’ll be amazed how much the world around us changes” -JSP
  2. “The wise in heart know that yesterday is the great educator directing our planning for better tomorrows.” -JSP
  3. “You need to rise to the challenge before you can rise for the ovations.” -JSP
  4. “Moral perversion is living satisfied in that which God has not designed, Intellectual perversion is making a case for Moral perversion.” -JSP
  5. “Management is the foundation of all good leadership. Management keeps things going so Leadership can keep things growing. “- JSP
  6. “When we’ve been unsuccessful in effecting changes around us, it’s time to revisit effecting some changes within us.” -JSP
  7. “The absence of internal truthfulness always leads to relational distrust.” -JSP
  8. “As is the case with inclement weather or overcast skies, so to in life, the sun is always shining above the clouds.” -JSP
  9. “Learning from our failures and taking responsibility for them with dignity, will help us to appreciate successes, and receive the accolades with humility.” -JSP
  10. “When you’re motivated you’ll take action, when you’re consistent you’ll gain traction.” -JSP
  11. “Don’t settle for a system because you like it, choose it because it makes you better.” -JSP
  12. “We will never see new horizons from our comfort zones.” -JSP
  13. “Procrastination is preoccupied with thoughts of tomorrow’s deadlines while engaging in yesterday’s priorities. Productive lifestyles only happen today.” -JSP
  14. “Continue being process driven and outcome focused and change will come.” -JSP
  15. “Being double minded produces double vision. Being single minded produces focus.” -JSP
  16. “People with vision are passionately driven, people with vague ideas are merely window shopping.” -JSP
  17. “Vision does not make you successful it makes you valuable. ” -JSP
  18. “It’s when we’re alone that the clearest view of our character emerges.: -JSP
  19. “Never buy into the myth that you have arrived, that was accomplished when you were born. “-JSP
  20. “Only those who live on the hill of non persistence travel the Road of least resistance.” -JSP
  21. “The subject of our most intensely focused attention is truly the object of our affection. ” -JSP
  22. ‘Pushing your personal best to new levels as a lifestyle opens a clear uncongested road ahead of you, that road is the extra mile.” – JSP
  23. “Connecting deeply with people is the  common denominator behind all that makes this world a better place.” -JSP
  24. “Generational Leadership – It takes one to mentor some who will develop others to do the same. ” -JSP
  25. “It doesn’t require perfection to live intentionally, it requires living purposefully” – JSP

*All quotes are my own proven true by my many mistakes along the way.


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