JSP Quotes 12

“The foundational principles of leadership remain the same and apply to all. I trust that these quotes will help and inspire you on your leadership journey.”

  1. “You can get ahead quite well by doing things right, you’ll excel by leaps and bounds by doing the right things well.”-JSP
  2. “Accusations of extremism usually come from those who are comfortable living without risk.” -JSP
  3. “A crisis does not produce leaders; it simply draws attention to their presence.” – JSP
  4. “Learn to recognize the difference between an outlier and an outright liar.” -JSP
  5. “If we are not adding value to others we are devaluing ourselves.” -JSP
  6. “Success in life isn’t a birthright it’s a responsibility.” -JSP
  7. “We can never outperform our own self-image.” -JSP
  8. “Whenever you start leading from where you are, your first step is always rooted in reality.” -JSP
  9. “If you’re feeling boxed in your potential may have outgrown your vision.”-JSP
  10. “Intentionality and personal responsibility are synonymous.” -JSP
  11. “Your level of confidence is equal to the hardships you’re willing to endure.” -JSP
  12. “Like morning light the rising of the sun over the horizon speaks of new opportunities that come with each new day.” -JSP
  13. “Don’t live your life to see yourself being better than you were yesterday, live your life to see those you mentor being better tomorrow than you are today, that’s life on the extra mile” – JSP
  14. Integrity is the aggregate in the concrete foundation of character, its presence determines the strength and performance of a person.” -JSP
  15. “Your teams can become the wind beneath your wings or the ball and chain around your ankles. Leaders, you must empower your people.” -JSP
  16. “If we do not bring the necessary challenges to our people, we will not bring the needed changes to our organizations.’ – JSP
  17. “If you sharpen your skills today you can be on the cutting edge tomorrow.”-JSP
  18. “Make your past failures live in the shadow of your achievements” -JSP
  19. “Your investment in people will be commensurate to your valuation of them.” -JSP
  20. “Your dreams should be big enough to keep you stretching for a lifetime.” -JSP
  21. “Family should always be our first order of business.” – JSP 
  22. “You achieve significance when a next generation’s leader credits their success to a Leader you mentored.”-JSP
  23. “Live life to the fullest, love without exception and lead with honor.” -JSP
  24. “A Leader who encounters God on the mountain returns with a greater appreciation for the people in the valley.”-JSP
  25. “The reward of consistency is integrity which leads to influence.” -JSP

*All quotes are my own proven true by my many mistakes along the way.