JSP Quotes 11

“The foundational principles of leadership remain the same and apply to all. I trust that these quotes will help and inspire you on your leadership journey.”

  1. “To live regretting what could have been, will certainly hinder our chance to experience the good that is yet to be.” -JSP
  2. “For the wise in heart, education begins after graduation. Life is a series of semesters, Keep your notebooks handy.” -JSP
  3. “We’re all managers of our own “First Relational bank & trust.” How well are your Trust accounts doing? -JSP
  4. “It requires that one be little in order to belittle another.” -JSP
  5. “We place our confidence in others to the degree we genuinely have confidence in ourselves”-JSP
  6. “Heart is where the attitude lives… Remember to check your values and measure your thoughts” -JSP
  7. “Genuine leadership is not demonstrated by coercion or manipulation, it is evidenced by the commitment of those who freely follow because they choose to.” -JSP
  8. “Whether we realize it or not, by our influence we are always reproducing ourselves.” -JSP
  9. “Embracing failure for its inherent wisdom prepares us for the victories next time around.”-JSP
  10. “Recognize the seedbed of wisdom within your missteps, for there is no failing where setbacks are viewed as starting again with wisdom gained.” -JSP
  11. Good leadership is always the answer for making positive changes; good management is always necessary to maintain them. -JSP
  12. “Be your best self in every moment, you’re born to be there.” -JSP
  13. “Leaders exhibiting high moral standards being diligent in business will find themselves among high ranking Executives in their field.” -JSP
  14. “Intellectual atrophy soon follows the cessation of enthusiastic inquiry.” -JSP
  15. “Preparation prevents us from being taken by surprise when opportunity knocks.” – JSP
  16. “Make a quality decision to love and care more for others. The waves of blessings that’ll come your way far exceed what it took to go out of your way in the first place.” – JSP
  17. “The most empowering lifestyle is one of empowering others. Placing others first will place you first in the lives of many success stories” -JSP
  18. “If we’re learning from our failures have we really failed? Remember, we’re designed to win.” -JSP
  19. “Recognizing an opportunity is important; understanding its timing is priceless.” -JSP
  20. “The voice of wisdom speaks to those who are listening, knowledge and understanding are found by those who search for them.” -JSP
  21. “Keeping the fire burning within fuels the passion that drives you forward to accomplish your purpose.”-JSP
  22. “One focused thought, followed by intentionally directed action is worth a thousand untested ideas.” – JSP
  23. “Your life is a gift of value to the world around you.” -JSP
  24. “Affirmations void of sincerity is really flattery with the intent to manipulate.” -JSP
  25. “Personal development precedes personnel development.” -JSP

* All quotes are my own proven true by my many mistakes along the way.