JSP Quotes 10

“The foundational principles of leadership remain the same and apply to all. I trust that these quotes will help and inspire you on your leadership journey.”

  1. “Change will come to anyone who will intentionally begin thinking and doing things differently.”-JSP
  2. “Have the vision to see what others can’t, the boldness to do what others don’t, the courage to go where others won’t… you’ll soon be receiving what others aren’t.” -JSP
  3. “Without present awareness, much of our conscious thinking will pivot between our recollections and our expectations.” – JSP
  4. “Keep in mind that all breakthroughs are made possible in the very areas conventional wisdom deems them impossible.” -JSP
  5. “I believe the majority of our challenges are won or lost in the arena of our thoughts and emotions.” -JSP
  6. “When you help people reach their full potential, your company reaches its objectives and begins to realize its vision.” -JSP
  7. “Organizations that empower their people with the confidence and skills to accomplish more have exponentially increased the value of both the company and their people.” – JSP
  8. “What you should do now, do now or it will crowd your task list later, life doesn’t have a pause button.” – JSP
  9. “For today to be the tomorrow we once dreamed about, we would’ve had to have done something about it yesterday. Realized dreams are not chance encounters.” – JSP
  10. “If you don’t have an action plan in place today others will have one in place for you tomorrow.” – JSP
  11. “I’m motivated to continue paying the price for climbing higher because it allows me to raise the value on what I’m paying forward.” – JSP
  12. “Sustained focus is like cleaning out your closet, it brings clarity, so you know what you have in front of you.” -JSP
  13. “If our companies aren’t meeting the stated desires of our customers why should our customers desire our companies?” – JSP
  14. “A well thought out strategy in the hands of like-minded people pursuing a vision enables a company to successfully navigate change.” – JSP
  15. “Some work hard to make a living, others work harder to make a difference.”-JSP
  16. “Life requires continual change because destiny is a matter of choice.” -JSP
  17. “Those living a humble lifestyle with excellence often see the sun breaking through life’s darkest clouds” -JSP
  18. “You can lead from anywhere within an organization with relational integrity, a positive mental attitude, and a desire for adding value to others.” -JSP
  19. “Failure does not define you it’s how you handle it that does.” – JSP
  20. “The art of Delegation leads to the joy of liberation.” -JSP
  21. “Personal development is like mountain climbing, those who aren’t willing to go higher usually go home and the mountains remain. -JSP
  22. “Intentional Solitude is the birthplace of transformational thinking.” -JSP
  23. “Thinking is the gymnasium of the mind, wisdom is knowing the right thoughts to exercise.” -JSP
  24. “Getting over the fear of being looked upon as “less than,” begins when your desire to be empowering outweighs your desire to impress.” – JSP
  25. “Emotional health is at the heart of great leadership.” -JSP

*All quotes are my own proven true by my many mistakes along the way.

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