JSP Quotes 9

“The foundational principles of leadership remain the same and apply to all. I trust that these quotes will help and inspire you on your leadership journey.”

  1. “Relationships are foundational to healthy families friends neighbors and society as a whole, we are designed for doing life in community” -JSP
  2. “There’s no fast track to authentic relationships, friendships take time” -JSP
  3. “In the school of life, the wise consider their failures the tuition for their degree in success.” – JSP
  4. “No need for hesitation when you’ve taken care of preparations to answer the door when opportunity knocks” -JSP
  5. “If a picture is worth a thousand words a motion picture should be priceless, know what you’re looking at” -JSP
  6. “I can only get to know you as well as I know myself” -JSP
  7. “The walls of solid character are built by the bricks of a good example, set into place with the mortar of integrity, one wise choice at a time” -JSP
  8. “Many parents who wonder where the younger generation is going should remember where it came from” -JSP
  9. “I do my best to be at my best for anyone seeking to do the same” – JSP
  10. “Authenticity is the forerunner of freedom, it’s so liberating to be yourself” -JSP
  11. “If you live, love and Laugh more, you’ll listen learn and lead more effectively” -JSP
  12. “Always be up to date with information and down to earth with people” -JSP
  13. “Don’t believe you’re limited by what challenges you, challenge the limits of what you’re believing” -JSP
  14. “Read often, listen to people, take notes and practice the takeaways” -JSP
  15. “All people are deserving of respect and we owe it to them to be truthful” -JSP
  16. “Life is a learning experience are you taking notes?” -JSP
  17. “When you’re passionately loving well you’re successfully living well.”-JSP
  18. “Leaders gain their strength of influence by accepting the weight of responsibility for their gifts attitudes and actions” -JSP
  19. “According to our level of Emotional Intelligence our influence will either be helping or hurting those around us.” – JSP
  20. “People do not buy into you because of what you say, they buy into what you say because of you.” -JSP
  21. “Many are they who expend great energy chasing success; Wise are they who through character attract it by who they are.” -JSP
  22. “The one who’s labor amasses great wealth & power only to be alone at the end of the road, has lived a pauper’s life indeed.” -JSP
  23. “Success is learning through the ups and downs of consistently doing your best day in and day out long before people notice it.” -JSP
  24. “Why not make the rest of your life the best of your life and finish strong?” -JSP
  25. “Transforming society takes time; the more significant the vision, the longer it takes.” -JSP

*All quotes are my own proven true by my many mistakes along the way.

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