JSP Quotes 7

“The foundational principles of leadership remain the same and apply to all. I trust that these quotes will help and inspire you on your leadership journey.”

  1. “Connecting begins at the point of mutual understanding” -JSP
  2. “To bask in the chorus of accolades that come with success, we must be willing to face the music that comes with the failures.” – JSP
  3. “When you count the cost on the front end you’ll enjoy the price you paid on the back end” -JSP
  4. “To connect with people speak with them not at them” -JSP
  5. “Unless you are challenged you will not be changed” -JSP
  6. “So much more is Possible when we work together” -JSP
  7. “If you have a gift for Leadership be intentional and Lead with diligence” -JSP
  8. “You will finish undefeated in the game of life once you decide to learn something useful from every failure” -JSP
  9. “If the mercies of the Lord are new each morning, why not meet with Him first to claim our much needed share for the day?” -JSP
  10. “When leading others stay ahead of the pack, When Developing leaders walk behind them” -JSP
  11. “No one can be successful without the help of others” -JSP
  12. “Adding value to others begins when we give ourselves away” -JSP
  13. “Possessing gifts are pointless if we aren’t using them for the benefit of others “-JSP
  14. “A purely solitary life never achieves Significance” -JSP
  15. “Your daily agenda is your forecast for tomorrow.” – JSP
  16. “Every leader has to learn how to navigate the difficult challenges that arise during turbulent times.” – JSP
  17. “Good Leaders navigate where others hesitate” -JSP
  18. “It’s a relentless Commitment to our purpose that makes us victorious. All the gifts and talent in the world cannot help those who quit” -JSP
  19. We begin changing our world when we desire it for the improvement of others. -JSP
  20. “Life is like a green light when you’re connecting, inspiring, developing, and empowering people” -JSP
  21. “Measure every thought before you speak or write” -JSP
  22. “Everyone benefits from leaders who connect with them.” -JSP
  23. “Take responsibility for your failures and show appreciation to those who contributed to your successes” -JSP
  24. “Let all you do be by design” -JSP
  25. “Learn to ask great questions and receive valuable answers” -JSP

*All quotes are my own proven true by my many mistakes along the way.