JSP Quotes 6

“The foundational principles of leadership remain the same and apply to all. I trust that these quotes will help and inspire you on your leadership journey.”

  1. “Tomorrow is, without doubt, the busiest day on the calendar for procrastinators” -JSP
  2. “Winning comes not by outdoing our competitors, but, by outdoing ourselves” -JSP
  3. “Successfully preparing people for tomorrow, began when you successfully prepared yourself for today” -JSP
  4. “See to it that you Possess the character to support the image you purport” -JSP
  5. “Be clothed with humility it’s what the best-dressed leaders are wearing! It’s never out of style and it goes with everything!” -JSP
  6. “What we value most determines our future level of influence” -JSP
  7. “Diligence accelerates the Journey of achievement, and Enthusiasm drives us past the parking spaces of mediocrity” -JSP
  8. “There’s something admirable and intriguing about humble successful leaders” -JSP
  9. “Dedicate yourself to the personal growth of others while modeling your dedication to your own” -JSP
  10. “All thoughts acted upon have consequences, a few more hours of thought will often save us a few more years of regret.” -JSP
  11. “Your destiny begins in your mind, when you see it you will be it” -JSP
  12. “The Rat Race never had a winner, keep pace with your own growth potential” -JSP
  13. “Two unchanging principles; People understand simple and generally gravitate to the familiar” -JSP
  14. “Decisions are easier to make when you know who you are and what you stand for” -JSP
  15. “Become the friend you always wanted and you’ll end up with some of the most loyal friends you always needed.” -JSP
  16. “When people conduct themselves in a manner that contradicts sound reason and defies the warnings of wisdom they are on a collision course with the downside of reality” – JSP
  17. “Continued validation increases valuation” -JSP
  18. “Place your trust above you, your failures behind you, your doubts and fears beneath you, and set your sights on the road ahead of you” -JSP
  19. “Developing a decisive thought life makes all the difference in shaping our future. Timely decisions become opportunities gained” -JSP
  20. “Know who you are and your God-given purpose, He designed it with you in mind.”-JSP
  21. “The enemy from without possesses not so much as half the dangers as the enemy from within. Leaders, Know Thyself!” -JSP
  22. “Know your purpose and have a well thought out action plan, the rest is good decision making.”-JSP
  23. “The secret to a productive meeting is the presence of productive people” – JSP
  24. “Even the most innovative workspace is only as productive as the people who work there” -JSP
  25. “Great leaders are doormen to the lobby of opportunities” – JSP

*All quotes are my own proven true by my many mistakes along the way.

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