JSP Quotes 4

“Regardless of your vocation, irrespective of the times, cultural values, and status in society; The foundational principles of leadership remain the same and apply to all. I trust that my quotes will help and inspire you on your leadership journey.” – JSP

  1. “Be intentional, read with purpose, apply what you read, and grow continually.”-JSP
  2. “You have no need to compare yourself to others, a growing self-awareness sets you apart.” -JSP
  3. “He is not always the wisest who knows many things if he accomplishes but a little, Wisdom is demonstrated by the one who is able to accomplish much with what little he knows.” -JSP
  4. “Genuine authority is given to those who know who they are and where they’re going.” -JSP
  5. “When the reality of your potential reaches your heart you’ll have sufficient passion to reach your potential.” -JSP
  6. “Great leaders know that significance is achieved by a lifetime of excellence in service to others.” -JSP
  7. “Circumstances never make us or break us, they reveal us.” -JSP
  8. “The lack of maturity & character will eventually cause us to be crushed by the weight of responsibilities that success brings into our lives.” -JSP
  9. “Focused thinking clarifies objectives, like a laser it directs and empowers us to hit the target, prolonged dreaming, on the other hand, enables procrastination.” -JSP
  10. “The world doesn’t step aside because you’re educated, it does, however, make room for your gifts.” -JSP
  11. A person’s gifting rightly used will open doors for them to stand in places of prominence” -JSP
  12. “Keep in mind that leadership is a responsibility, not a right.” -JSP
  13. “Those who will not manage themselves will be trapped in the tyranny of the urgent” -JSP
  14. “We are never victims of our circumstance, but victims of our perceptions.” -JSP
  15. “The clarity of your “why” determines the proximity to your “When.” -JSP
  16. “Like living by a reservoir of wisdom, is the constructive criticism from the experience of valued friends.” -JSP
  17. “Listening connects the Leader to the team and the team to the vision” -JSP
  18. “To effectively go where you’ve never been you must grow where you never have” -JSP
  19. “Significance begins when the leaders we’ve trained have equipped others to leave an inspiring legacy” -JSP
  20. “The experience gained from the completion of a project is more valuable than the project itself” -JSP
  21. “While it’s natural to emulate those who inspire you, don’t become a copy” -JSP
  22. “Those who see no opportunities in the Future Possess no power in the Present.” -JSP
  23. “When your dreams become your plans your agendas will lead to fulfillment” -JSP
  24. “The secret of Great Leadership is in how well you serve” -JSP
  25. “Explore the vast expanse of possibilities by helping someone see further than they have before.”-JSP

All quotes are my own proven true by my many mistakes along the way.