JSP Quotes 3

“I’m a firm believer in the fact that leadership is leadership, regardless of your vocation. Throughout history irrespective of the times, cultural values, and status in society; The foundational principles of leadership remain the same and apply to all. I trust that these quotes will help and inspire you on your leadership journey.” – JSP

  1. “I believe that people who are always growing are always worth knowing” -JSP
  2. “Success doesn’t come from what you do it comes from who you are” – JSP
  3. “Success is the quality of Character that produces the quality of work” – JSP
  4. “The future graciously affirms the Leader who thrives in the present.” – JSP
  5. “If you’re confident, respectful, and genuinely helpful, you’ll lack neither help nor friends when you need them.” – JSP
  6. “The clock becomes a motivational tool in the hands of those who use their time intentionally.”-JSP
  7. “Helping hands are much more productive than pointing fingers” -JSP
  8. “Train yourself to keep looking forward with great expectation.” -JSP
  9. “The favorable outcome of an activity is the payoff for your focused commitment to the process.”-JSP
  10. “Everyone we meet is a reflection of who we once were, are now, or what we hope to become.” -JSP
  11. “When we honestly listen, a person feels valued, connected, and appreciated” -JSP
  12. “Seeing a problem we are facing as “the problem” is a problem in itself. Solving tomorrow’s problems are determined by how we’re thinking about the ones we’re facing today. Our perception will either solve one or create another.” -JSP
  13. “A quiet mind & a peaceful heart produces few words, each one worth its weight in gold.” -JSP
  14. “Our situations will not change until we change our minds about our situations.”-JSP
  15. “If you develop your personality and talents instead of your character to lead your people, you will end up becoming manipulative.”-JSP
  16. “Learn to lead like someone you would follow” -JSP
  17. “Preparation prevents us from being taken by surprise when opportunity knocks.” – JSP
  18. “Productive creative thinking embraces all possibilities regardless of the obstacles and competition it will face.” -JSP
  19. “Current leaders are at their best when thinking about tomorrow, and how to get everyone there together.”-JSP
  20. “The more you stress over those things you can’t control the less likely you’ll be to master the things you can.” -JSP
  21. “Our greatest challenges are not in the events that confront us, but in our thoughts concerning them.” -JSP
  22. “Commit to making every new year your best. Let your agenda reflect your values & Be relentless.”- JSP
  23. “We will rise and fall in accordance with the commitments we keep” -JSP
  24. “The cost of High Achievement should always be worth the price you pay” -JSP
  25. “If your organization is not adding value to society why does society need your organization?” – JSP

*All quotes are my own proven true by my many mistakes along the way.

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