JSP Quotes 1

“I’m a firm believer in the fact that leadership is leadership, regardless of your vocation. Throughout history irrespective of the times, cultural values, and status in society; The foundational principles of leadership remain the same and apply to all. I trust that these quotes will help and inspire you on your leadership journey.” – JSP

  1. “Good Leaders are working a plan while most people are writing a wishlist.” – JSP
  2. “The Stability of our Leadership is in Direct proportion to our personal integrity” -JSP
  3. “Leaders with good character, develop high performance teams, with authentic people they mentored themselves.”-JSP
  4. “Many expend great energy chasing success; Those who are wise attract it by integrity and good character.” -JSP
  5. “Procrastinate & delay your date with Destiny. A year from now, you may wish you had started now.” -JSP
  6. “Embracing failure for its inherent wisdom prepares us for victory the second time around.”-JSP
  7. “Preparation gives you the advantage of being in the game before it starts!”-JSP
  8. “The foundational principles of leadership remain the same and apply to all” -JSP
  9. “A mind untrained is a life untamed. We were designed to think deeply and live intentionally.”-JSP
  10. “No one buys into anyone who hasn’t already bought into themselves. Leader, Believe in yourself!”-JSP
  11. “Things start looking up the moment you stop entertaining thoughts that bring you down.” -JSP
  12. “Walk the adventurous road of self-mastery and take someone with you.”-JSP
  13. “We cannot become tomorrow what we haven’t developed within ourselves today.” -JSP
  14. “Personal stewardship is an investment that always pays the highest dividends.”-JSP
  15. “It’s far better to keep looking ahead as you work toward your dream, than it would be to keep looking back wishing you had.” -JSP
  16. “For peace of mind, try not taking tomorrow’s problems to bed with you tonight… the sleep will do you good.” -JSP
  17. “If we’re adding value to others as we continue investing in ourselves, Our best days will always be ahead of us!” -JSP
  18. “When you’ve already demonstrated it’s within you, nothing that befalls you can take it from you.” -JSP
  19. “Genuinely successful people enjoy making other people genuinely successful.” -JSP
  20. “The Memory Bank that receives regular deposits of wisdom guarantees all principle with interest.”-JSP
  21. “Your past may be an indicator of who you were, but change renders it powerless to predict who you will be.” – JSP
  22. “Keep adding value to others, and leave an inspiring legacy.” -JSP
  23. “The greatest Influencers are always much bigger on the inside.” – JSP
  24. “The privilege to lead is granted and increased by serving others with excellence” -JSP
  25. “Don’t forfeit tomorrow’s Victories by wasting today’s opportunities regretting yesterday’s mistakes.” -JSP

All quotes are my own proven true by my many mistakes along the way.