My Thanksgiving Day Prayer


Almighty God and Father,
We all have ample reason to offer thanks to You today, for morning by morning Your mercies are seen and Your amazing grace is witnessed throughout all creation. This day of Thanksgiving we call to mind those ordinary things that we would normally take for granted.

We awoke this morning when so many others slipped away during the night and are no longer with us, we thank You for life and the gift of another day.

We opened our eyes and many of us were able to rise from our beds to go about our usual daily routines, thank you for granting us reasonable health.

Our homes may have been cold this morning, yet even for this we’re humbly grateful for a roof over our heads, when there are so many who have nothing. 

We may be enjoying today with family and friends while others may be grieving the loss of theirs, please be their comfort and their strength in their time of sorrow. Teach us to love and cherish our families while they are still with us… For this we thank you.

We are thankful Father for so many blessings received and for so many that have gone unnoticed. Be pleased to bestow Your bountiful blessings and mercies upon us as a Nation.

Thank you for those who have genuinely endeavored to be peace makers in times of unrest. Thank you that there is always a future and a hope for healing with You.

May Your blessings rest upon first responders, law enforcement, and military personnel, who are on duty today. Many may be away from their families this Thanksgiving Day. We ask Your protection and guidance for them, and a safe return to their families.

Grant us a most enjoyable day, and may we this evening take a moment before we retire to look upon all that we have to be grateful for Oh God, and wholeheartedly say “Thank You.” Amen. -JSP

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