A simple prayer during uncertain times.


A simple prayer during uncertain times.

(Adapted from Psalm 119:41-52)

“May Your unfailing love continue to wash over us, and Your deliverance come according to Your promise. You enable us to answer those who ridicule the truth, for we trust in Your unfailing Word. May Your word of truth be always in our mouth, for we have put our hope in Your precepts. We will walk securely in the light of Your written Word, forever.  

We thank You Lord, because of You we walk in freedom, even during troublesome times Your grace is always sufficient for our need. Whenever we have sought out Your principles and Your ideas, we have always been the better for it. We will therefore speak of Your flawless concepts to those who ask, even before those in authority, and we will not be put to shame; nor will You allow those who oppose the truth to triumph over us.

Lord, we delight in Your words because experience has taught us to love them, and always reaching out for Your instructions which we’ve learned to appreciate, and have been helped immeasurably by thinking deeply upon them.

Our protection in the midst of the storm, and our comfort in suffering, is always the fact that Your promise preserves our life. Those who are arrogant may mock unmercifully, but we will not neglect Your Word. We remember, Lord, Your ancient precepts, and have always found our comfort in keeping them.

Be pleased to remember Your words to those who love You, for Your great and precious promises are an anchor in the storm, and by them we’ve been given hope for the future; which You hold in your hands… and in that we rest secure. Amen”-JSP

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