Take Hold of Your Destiny – A simple Prayer

Take Hold of Your Destiny – A simple Prayer

(Adapted from Deuteronomy 1:19-21)

You Lord have directed our steps, and have watched over us as we’ve gone through desolate places, and when we felt as though we were in a vast wilderness experience. As dreadful as those wilderness experiences have seen, You have always guided us through and to a place of safety – a place where we could rest securely in Your presence.

Lord, You have promised us an inheritance and given us life and a purpose. You’ve given us gifts and talents, which are to be put to good use as You have desired. You present us with numerous opportunities year in and year out. Lord, You have given us favor (as undeserving as we are) and appointed us to succeed in the life You’ve granted.

By grace we will reach out and take hold of all You’ve promised, and make use of all You’ve provided. Many have gone before us, who have trusted Your guidance and succeeded in the life You have given them. Their legacy speaks to us of Your faithfulness and the certainty of Your words.

We will therefore not be afraid; We will not be discouraged. We will go forward, we will meet Your conditions, overcome the challenges, and by Your grace we will continue under Your guidance, and take possession of the good life You have promised. For Your glory,  Amen” -JSP