In Awe of God-A Simple Prayer

It was 2:45am and I was wide awake. So, I got out of bed and went into my study to read. While pondering the verses from Psalm 33, I was so awestruck by the infinite greatness of God, that I felt inspired to pray the entire psalm. So here, in the middle of the night is my simple prayer. (Adapted from Psalm 33:1-22).

“I will sing joyful songs to You my King. I cannot keep from singing Your praises. I so enjoy praising You, and making music to You on my guitar.

Thank You for giving me spontaneous songs, to play skillfully, and to sing for You- my audience of One!  I have found Your word to be completely upright and true; and You are faithful in all You do. You love righteousness and justice; May You bless the earth with Your unfailing love.

By Your word the heavens were made, and You brought the galaxies into being by breathing a word from Your mouth. You’ve gathered the waters of the sea together; and they comply with Your command. Let all the earth see and be in awe of You; let all the people of the world reverence You. 

I stand in awe of You when I consider that; You  spoke but a word, and it came to be; You gave a command, and all You’ve created stood firm. Even to this day, You hold all things together by the power of Your word! I stand secure in You.

I’m amazed at how You disrupt the plans of wayward nations; You frustrate the purposes of arrogant people; while Your plans stand firm forever, the purposes of Your heart through all generations – on earth as it is in heaven. LORD, be pleased to bless the nations that respect You, and all You chose for Your inheritance.

From heaven You look down and see all who live on the earth; from Your dwelling place You watch us—You who fashions together our hearts and minds, understands everything we think say and do… I stand in awe of You!

LORD, no leader is saved by the size of their army; no one escapes by their own great strength. Advanced weaponry provides no hope for deliverance; despite it’s technology it cannot save. But Your eyes are on those who have reverence for You, on all who’ve placed their hope in Your unfailing love.

It is by Your grace alone that we are delivered from the dangers we face. You give me reason to wait expectantly on You; You are my help and my shield, my hiding place from the storms of life.  

So, in Your Presence my heart will sing, I will trust in Your awesome name. How can I thank You enough for Your many blessings so undeserved? Like David, I will sing and play before You, for Your unfailing love continues to cover me. I stand secure because I’ve placed my hope in You.  Amen” -JSP