Living in the Wind

John 3:8
“The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.”

Children of the Wind

A most interesting conversation takes place between Jesus and Nicodemus. They are discussing the mystery of the new birth and it’s connection to the Holy Spirit. Jesus likens the lifestyle of those who have been born again to the blowing of the wind. It is interesting to note that “Wind” in verse eight is the word (pneuma), and can also be translated as “breath, spirit, or Spirit,” and is translated as “Spirit” in this same verse.

The word for “blows” can also be translated “breath”, or “breathe,” the word for “sound” is (phōnē) which usually means “voice.” Putting all this together, it would not be incorrect to translate what Jesus said to Nicodemus as “The Spirit breathes where He pleases, and you hear His voice…”

Jesus is describing a life lived by and intertwined with the activity of the Holy Spirit. Just as the movements of the wind can be felt and its effect on things around us can be seen; so it is with the Holy Spirit’s activity in the life of those who are born of the Spirit. Jesus makes it clear that the operations of the Spirit are a mystery and certainly beyond human comprehension.

Life in the Spirit

Think for a moment of how sailing works, and what it takes to move a sail boat forward on the water. Progress is made as the sails are used to catch the wind, allowing it to drive the boat forward.  A skilled sailor knows how to keep his boat properly aligned with the wind. So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.

As a child of God you are born of the Spirit, and it is God’s plan that you remain entirely under the Spirit’s control. The Holy Spirit will lead you and use you as He pleases; you are responsible to become experienced in keeping yourself properly aligned with the Holy Spirit.

Even though it is you working to remain “in the way of the wind,” it is still the Spirit’s power that moves you forward in life. Just as the sailor needs to be always aware of the winds change in direction, you too must remain sensitive to the movements of the Holy Spirit.

Successful sailing is accomplished by dependence on and submission to the wind. Successful Christian living is accomplished by absolute dependence on and submission to the Spirit.

Think on These Things

Andrew Murray speaking about the work of the Spirit once said “God grant that our meditation on the work of the Holy Spirit may cause rejoicing and the strengthening of our faith!” Whenever I spend time in the Presence of God thinking and speaking about this new birth, I am always renewed, refreshed and empowered with new direction by my fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

Become an accomplished sailor of the Spirit. Learn to follow the changing directions of His wind in your life. Experience the joys of sailing through life on the winds of the Spirit. Be accustomed to His power at your back propelling you forward toward your designed destiny, and Be Encouraged. -JSP


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