Get Your Hopes Up


Get Your Hopes Up

Psalm 43:5
“Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God.”

Hope in the Midst of Storms

It is commonly held that Psalm 43 is a continuation of Psalm 42, thus dealing with the same situation. If you read these Psalms together you will notice striking similarities between the two. You are drawn in by the intensity of David’s passion for God throughout both Psalms.

Where David has hungered and thirsted for the Presence of the living God, he asks himself this very same questions in Psalm 42:5. He is sure that God is with him in the storm, but is aware that the victory has not yet come.

Both Psalms show that David is in prayer throughout his ordeal. He passes through low moments of sadness and high moments of confidence. In the midst of his emotional roller coaster ride we can still see that the joy of the Lord is his strength, sustaining his hope for the future.
Keeping Hope Alive

Faith and a Positive Mental Attitude go hand in hand when it comes to maintaining your peace of mind in troublesome times. Many people do not realize that Hope is the spark that ignites faith. In reality, you would not bother to believe for something you thought was hopeless. Hope rises in your heart first; faith then enables you to be sure of those things you hope for. 

In the Old Testament God would instruct his people to erect memorial stones, so that they could call to mind the victories He had given them in the past, this would encourage them in difficult times and give them hope for the future. They would also use these memorials as an object lesson, to teach their children about God’s faithfulness toward all His people who place their trust in Him for the breakthroughs they need.

Hope for the Future

When you look back recalling past victories God has given you, your hope for a solution to your current situation comes alive, and builds your confidence to believe God for victories in the future no matter how difficult that situation you’re facing today may be.

Having your own “Memorial Stones” will also help you learn to cope with and handle life’s great difficulties. You will become better equipped to deal with disappointments, and acquire grace and strength from above; to help you through the healing process after experiencing tragedies and loss. People process disappointments and grief in a variety of ways. Recording your own “memorial stones” will help you have hope for a good outcome and get you through those difficult times.

Hope is helped by Gratitude

Being thankful for what you have instead of being unhappy and upset because of what you don’t have, helps you to really appreciate so many things God has given you that would previously go by unnoticed.

Having memorials to God’s provisions and protection, will cause you to pause and consider how faithful He has been to you in the past, and how blessed you really are to have the all-powerful God who loves you on your side even in your darkest hours.

Hope is a Great Motivator

Hope will help you give yourself a good talking to just as David did in both Psalms. Be grateful for past victories and declare your confidence in God to cause your current situation to have the same outcome. State your case before God using His promises and His past dealings with you as the foundation your hopes are built upon. Be strong in the Lord, Be steady in your resolve that better days are ahead, and take your stand on the solid ground of His faithfulness. Be hopeful and Be Encouraged.

John S. Picarello