The Power of United Prayer

Acts 12:5
“So Peter was kept in prison, but the church was earnestly praying to God for him.“

Acts Twelve is an amazing account of the connection between prayer and the miraculous. In the passage above the Church gathered together before God and continued in earnest prayer for Peter. Keep in mind they had no political influence that could be used to secure Peter’s release from prison. They were not discouraged although the odds of a hopeful outcome were against them; so they simply went to God together and prayed. 

It is easily seen here that the Church must have had a regular habit of praying together; their immediate response to this situation was to gather together for prayer. Their united praying brought the angel to Peter’s rescue and facilitated his release. 

The Church has always lived a lifestyle of praying together that made this initial response to Peter’s situation a matter of habit. They were always motivated to pray together because they knew that God would hear them and answer. They believed that nothing was impossible with believing prayer because no request was impossible for God to answer.

With so many examples of the miraculous power of united prayer in the bible record; there really isn’t any reason we shouldn’t be seeing miraculous answers to prayer as the norm in our churches today. I believe that the rising tide of united praying will once again have a powerful influence in our cities through the miracle working power of the Holy Spirit emanating from our churches. 

United praying generates amazing power. This kind of lifestyle changes things, saves and heals people, and transforms the lives of everyone involved in the process. So consecrate yourself today to be committed to united prayer in your Church and Be Encouraged. -JSP



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