Faith and a Positive Mental Attitude

Faith and a Positive Mental Attitude

Having faith and a Positive Mental Attitude go hand in hand in living life successfully. Regardless of who you are and where you are in life, you were designed to succeed. I’m sure like most of us, you’re well acquainted with the fact that life is filled with so many challenges that require you to change how your thinking about things in order to overcome them. We have all faced challenges, had to navigate uncharted territory, or experienced those times when life threw us a curve ball. We soon recognized our need to be engaged in some type of problem solving. Problem solving is a welcomed discipline to anyone desiring personal development, because it will almost always require a new way of thinking. It’s for this reason that   succeeding in navigating our way through life’s many challenges always requires a disciplined emotional life, and an ability to sustain creative focused thinking. Successful people know the importance of developing a strong desire for continual personal development, and some good old fashion mental toughness to get them through the challenges and on to victory.


As a leader and a person of faith, I am always involved in empowering people to succeed in life. You will always have hope for success when you are confident that God loves you and that He has planned for you to be successful. Developing a Positive Mental Attitude keeps hope alive, and hope is foundational to faith. This line of reasoning may require a significant shift in thinking if you have been accustomed to the negativity of pessimism. My starting point here is to simply help you to develop a healthy respect for God and gratitude for the gifts and talents He has given you.


Faith and a Positive mental attitude begins by trusting God and following your heart. You may be surprised to discover that your natural gifts and talents are perfectly suited for accomplishing the very dream you’ve been carrying in your heart. Have you given up on the dreams of their youth, maybe writing them off as nothing more than childhood fantasies? I want you to know that it was never God’s intention to have you live in frustration being disenchanted with your current career path. Continually living with unfulfilled expectations will give way to negativity and a sense of hopelessness.

The onset of negativity usually begins by not following or not being encouraged to live by following your heart. Following your heart is God’s designed way to succeed in life. Deep thinking, an honest yet thorough self assessment, and asking yourself if your heart is aligned with what your currently doing can be the dawning of a new day for you. If you’re like some people, this may lead to a career change where what’s in your heart and your mind are finally line up with the natural gifts and talents you already possess.

Discovering that you have been naturally blessed with some type of God-given gifts and talents, and that these are connected to the God-given desires resident within you, will cause hope to spring eternal, and your life to explode with meaning and purpose. Yes, Success begins with believing that God has placed a childhood dream within you and given you the gifts necessary to accomplish it.

This is why success is never measured by what you’re doing compared to what others have done. Success is measured by what you’re doing compared to what you could have done with what you have. You must have faith in your own God-given abilities, and believe in what you’re doing and that you are designed to be doing it. This is why it is so important to connect with your God-given dreams.


Faith and a positive mental attitude are strengthened by being thankful for what you have instead of being unhappy and upset because of what you don’t have. Developing an attitude of gratitude helps you to really appreciate so many things that God has given you that usually go by unnoticed. So many people have been so misdirected when it comes to matters of faith that they have dismissed the fact that God cares for them, and has created them to think and walk through life together with Him. Renewing your thinking along these lines may take some work and old fashion mental toughness to persevere in reversing unhealthy mindsets and values.

Finally, allow me to leave you with a word from King David, who had to use some mental toughness of his own to push through to faith and a more positive mental attitude.”Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God.” – Psalm 43:5  Strong mental faculties and a vibrant faith will come alive in you when you consider that God’s plan is to redeem you, and to revolutionize your life. By placing your confidence in Him, the gifts and talents He has given you, and following the dream that’s so resonating within you; Faith and a Positive Mental Attitude about God and the life you were gifted to live will come into view and fill you with renewed hope for the future..

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