With Gratitude I Stand Amazed – A Prayer

How Can I not Thank You!
“Father, You have given to all who love You countless reasons to thank You and to sing Your praises!

You oh God have become our Father, and it’s Your desire to fill us with the knowledge of Your will and all the wisdom and understanding that Your Holy Spirit gives.

You have already empowered us to live a life worthy of You, pleasing You in every way. By Your Grace success will result in every good work we do.

You work a maturity within us so we may know You better, and You strengthen us with Your mighty power.

Thank you for working within us great endurance and patience to stand tall through seasons of adversity.

I stand amazed that You have qualified us to share in the full inheritance of all Your people who walk in Your kingdom of light.

If that weren’t enough, You have rescued us from the power of darkness, brought us into the kingdom of Your Son who You love, and have already completely forgiven us all our sins!

You have anointed and appointed us as Your agents of grace, and partners together in Your kingdom business of world redemption.

With Gratitude I stand amazed!” – JSP (Adapted from Colossians 1:9-13)


*Photo by John S Picarello