JUST A THOUGHT… God’s Word Refreshes And Restores

I love long walks in the woods, and standing on a high place seeing mountains and valleys, spending time sitting quietly.  Observing animals in their natural environment always refreshes me.

My walks visiting God’s natural created order, enables me to see God and His purpose with great clarity. Everything I observe lives and grows freely just as it was designed, It’s for this reason I return again and again.

God’s Word Refreshes and Restores 

Everything about the natural order of things spells freedom. Freedom is in your DNA, you are designed to walk and think freely together with God. His Word has power to refresh and restore you from the inside out.

It enables you to return to the presence of God, renewing your perspective, regaining your bearings when you sense you’ve gotten off track.

David had to be thinking along these lines when he wrote; “The law of the LORD is perfect, refreshing the soul” (Psalm 19:7). The word for refreshing in this passage means to “bring back,” “to return,” as well as to “restore” and “refresh” (see also Psalm 23).

Just as the deer returns to the water brook, you too will return to be refreshed satisfied and restored by God’s perfect Word… It’s just a thought. – JSP


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