JUST A THOUGHT… The Church Commissioned

In his earth walk, Jesus chose relationships over monetary gain, placed people before programs and agendas, thinking more highly of others than they did of themselves.

As God in a human body, he took on the lifestyle of a servant. He Loved people, listening to them with perfect empathy and mentored those who followed him.

As a lowly servant Jesus transformed his followers into the greatest God loving, others oriented, family based movement in world history.

Christ commission’s and empowers ordinary fallible people, filled with and directed by His Holy Spirit, bringing only good news of undeserved favor (grace) and forgiveness for a wayward, confused, violent, frightened world.

God’s family The Church, for all its human imperfections, continues today to be the most impactful, fastest growing, societal transformational God-Centered global Community on earth – second to none.

The Church, loving the unlovable, restoring broken lives, rebuilding broken cities, breathing life into those living in the darkness of the shadow of death.

The Church, Carriers of Great News, Dispensers of Amazing Grace! Empowered to Love Unconditionally! – Just a thought.

* Photo by John S Picarello


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