Gifted and Commissioned for Great Things

Far too many well meaning believers miss out on the fact that we are born for greatness by design, and by God’s grace are equipped and empowered to fulfill His purpose for our life.

We are God’s workmanship, Grace is given to us to do the work He’s designed us to do (Ephesians 2:10), and that grace is working in us so our faith can produce through us that which God prepared beforehand, those things we should walk in.

Consider the simple facts from God’s Word that tell us that we the Church are gifted and commissioned to demonstrate to the world how to do life in community as God intended.

  • We are Gifted this new life in His family
  • We are gifted the faith to receive it.
  • The Five-Fold Ministry functions of Ephesians 4 is Gifted to equip the Church.
  • The works that we are to do are gifted to us – at an appointed time in God’s redemptive story line.
  • Each of us are gifted to edify the Church.
  • We the Church are gifted to be a blessing and to transform society.

So, continue living passionately in God’s kingdom Priorities, living from His Presence, doing what you do best, striving with all His grace that is in you to leave an inspiring legacy. And Be Encouraged!