My Prayer for the Healing of the Nations

“Almighty God and Father,

The earth belongs to You Lord, everything in it and all who live upon it. We are thankful for Your great love and mercy toward all You have made, and Your amazing grace extended to all who live on the earth.

We take comfort in knowing that Your ears are always attentive to the prayers of Your people.

You who answer prayer, to you all people will come. When we are overwhelmed by our sins and turn to You, You show Yourself infinitely merciful by forgiving and gladly receiving us.

We are Blessed when You draw us near to Yourself, and You fill us with the good things from the abundance of Your house.

God our Savior, You alone are the hope of all the earth from sea to sea, speak Your word and Your healing will come to the nations, Your wisdom to their leaders, and Your songs of praises will be heard among the masses.

For You alone can set our hearts on fire, empowering us by Your Spirit, encouraging us by Your word, energizing us in Your Presence, enabling us to pray Your will on the earth as it is in heaven, with divine power that makes Your promises a practical reality in the presence of all humanity.

In the light of Your Holiness, infinite wisdom, knowledge and power, we stand in awe of You, our God and Savior. To You alone be all the glory, all the honor, and all the praise, forever and ever Amen.” -JSP

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