A Simple Talk with the King

(Adapted from Psalm 119:62-72)

“Sometimes in the night I awake to thank You because your Laws are always right. I’m a friend to all who respect You, to all who follow your words of wisdom.

Lord, I’m happy whenever I see where the earth is being filled with your love; please teach me those things You’ve declared to be true.

I know that Your goodness comes to me according to your word. Please continue teaching me wisdom, knowledge, and good judgment, for I trust Your instructions completely.

I was weak and beaten down, I wandered aimlessly, but now I follow your simple instructions. I found that You are good to all, and all You do is good for us; Lord, enlighten me concerning Your decrees and the boundaries You have set for my protection.

There may be those who slander me with lies, but I will walk in the light of Your word with all my heart. Though they are calloused and insensitive, I find joy in understanding Your law.

Experiencing hardships have taught me to trust Your words. The law that comes from Your mouth is of more value to me than silver and gold.” -JSP

* Image of Jesus and the businessman, “Divine Counselor” by Harry Anderson.