Searching For Glory In All The Wrong Places

Every human being is made in the image and likeness of God and is entitled to a measure of respect in accordance with that fact. The Scriptures tell us that God has crowned everyone with glory and honor, and has given each of us a sphere of influence in which we may carry out our designed purpose.

All human beings are important to God and are invested with gifts and talents to help steward planet earth which is God’s original intent (see Genesis 1:26-28). King David considered these things and reasons with God saying, “You have made them a little lower than God and crowned them with glory and honor.  You made them rulers over the works of your hands; you put everything under their feet”(Psalm 8:5-6).

Attempting to Grasp what has already been Given

In an attempt to grasp the glory we already unknowingly possess, many people begin living a self-absorbed lifestyle. With little thought to the consequences, we as a society have developed an insatiable appetite for promoting ourselves. Social media is the vehicle that makes this possible on a scale never before imagined.

Social media in itself is not the problem, the danger’s in how we use it. When we refuse to acknowledge and respect our creator we will instinctively pursue our own glory on our own terms. Self-glorification always leads to arrogance and contempt for anyone who’s glory may eclipse our own.

Unfortunately, our current political system of running for office and retaining power once elected models the same behavior. Building ourselves up by demeaning others has become the way of life in government. No political party is exempt from this self-glorification because the very roots of this condition are inherent within every fiber of fallen humanity, see Romans 3:23-24 for the problem and its only solution.

A Community in Contempt

“Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall” (Proverbs 16:18)

King David’s son Solomon penned the above passage and fell victim to its truth.  Solomon began his political career with great humility but was no match for the lure of pride and arrogance that inevitably stalks everyone who increases in power and influence.

When people conduct themselves in a manner that contradicts sound reason and defies the warnings of wisdom they are on a collision course with the downside of reality.  I’m speaking of people who knowingly or unknowingly embrace arrogance as a lifestyle.

Arrogance courts disaster because it holds it’s adherents under the spell of self-absorbance which leads to self-delusion. When a person is self-absorbed they tend to ignore the wise advice of others. Solomon in our passage above is saying that people who live this way bring destruction upon themselves which is precisely how Solomon undermined his own credibility.

Richard E. Simmons III writes, “We are driven to win the approval of others because we are starved for glory. A real and fundamental instability resides in our hearts because it is so easy to feel small and insignificant. As a result, we constantly look for ways to convince the world and ourselves that we matter and that our lives are important.” (1)

What’s so hideous about this deception is that we do matter and our lives are important. We either forget or refuse to believe that we have been made a little lower than God and have already been crowned with glory and honor by God!!  We’ve all been made rulers over the works of His hands; and all of us are designed to carry out our life’s purpose with Divine authority functioning under God’s supervision (see Genesis 1:26-28 and Psalm 8:5-6).

The Solution

Solomon who experienced the highs and lows of life on all levels and was well acquainted with the vanity of temporal pursuits and self-glorification had to learn the value and purpose of a successful satisfying life the hard way. He eventually writes, “Now all has been heard; here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the duty of all mankind. For God will bring every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil” (Ecclesiastes 12:13-14).   



(1) The Power of a Humble Life by Richard E. Simmons III




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