A Song in the Night

90 Days of Prayer Day Seventy-Five

Psalm 63:6-7 
“On my bed I remember you; I think of you through the watches of the night.
Because you are my help, I sing in the shadow of your wings.”

David is lying awake in bed recalling the things of God. His thoughts take him through the night, then he begins to sing to the Lord! Have you ever had a song in the night?

While most people are asleep, David is thinking about the blessings in God.  There have been times when I was awaken in the middle of the night, began to think about God. My thoughts turned into a conversation with Him about His goodness to me.

The more we talked the more blessings I remembered, the more awake I became, until from my heart came the desire to sing to God because of His goodness. I thought, how good it is to fill my mind with how blessed I was, it’s certainly more profitable than being awake at night recounting problems.

A Song in the Night


When you keep God in your thoughts throughout the day, He will naturally come to mind when you’re awake at night. This is the result of unbroken fellowship with Him. Whether your talking with God, while reading His Word, or connecting with Him from time to time throughout the day, you’re going to experience His presence at night.

Worship is a natural response to a visitation of God’s Presence. Having a song in the night will many times lead to God revealing Himself to you in some new way. A song in the night often leads to a revelation, it did for David, The Spirit inspired Him to write this psalm about it.

When God’s love and the blessings that follow are a part of your daily routine, you too will find yourself saying; “By day the LORD directs his love, at night his song is with me— a prayer to the God of my life” (Psalm 42:8).

Singing 24/7

Singing to the Lord at night was such a part of life for God’s people, that David had singers ministering to the Lord around the clock. “Praise the LORD, all you servants of the LORD who minister by night in the house of the Lord” (Psalm 134:1).  Again we see that the priests were to worship God day and night, consider 1 Chronicles 23:30, “They were also to stand every morning to thank and praise the LORD. They were to do the same in the evening.”

We also read “Let the name of the LORD be praised, both now and forevermore. From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the LORD is to be praised” (Psalm 113:2-3). 

with-God-in-the-dark-places (2)

We see ministering to the Lord as a first response during difficult times in Acts 16:25, when Paul and Silas were in prison; “About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them.”

Begin to recall His blessings, write them down and regularly thank Him for them. As you do, the Lord will put a new song in your mouth (see Psalm 40:1-3). The next time you’re lying awake in bed, sing Him a song in the night, you’ll Be Encouraged! -JSP

(1) Features Image: “A Song in the Night” https://youtu.be/o9-k600ThmE                                       (original piano composition)