90 Days of Prayer  Day Sixty-Seven

Psalm 42:2
“My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When can I go and meet with God?”

Here the Psalmist expresses his deepest longings to be alone with God. He is driven by his thirst for the Presence of the living God. This is an excellent picture of intimacy and the effects that regular time alone with God has on those who converse with Him.

He uses the analogy of a deer driven by thirst for water,  its longings will not allow it to rest until it has found a brook to drink from. The deer will drink until it’s fully satisfied and is refreshed. Are you like the deer when it comes to drinking the water of life? Does your soul long to be alone with God?

Longing for the one you Love


Think about the first time you went to dinner with the person you had just fallen in love with. You couldn’t spend enough time with them, and the time you had went by so fast. Why? It’s because you were captivated by their presence. This was your time together.  Your time with God is the same, your dining with Him at His table.

Captivated by His Love


He wants you to enjoy the beauty of  intimate conversations with Him. You were made to be with Him. His love for you is so deep that He longs for your presence infinitely more than you long for His. When you catch that about Him – you’re captivated by His love.

Allow the Holy Spirit to speak with you, and see if you won’t begin to hunger and thirst for the Presence of the King – and looking forward to your next meeting together.

Remember when you first fell in love? You longed for those times alone together, you looked into the eyes of the one who’s affections had you captivated, and your heart hung on every word they said. Your focus was so intense, you would lose track of the time, and each meeting seemed to be over all too soon. Infinitely more so with Jesus.

This is a place that is to be most sacred to you, guard it closely and be very selfish with your time alone with Him. It is the only time Jesus wants you to forget about others… He desires you to be all in with Him as He is with you.

So come and dine with the King daily and feast on His every word to you. Be secure in the atmosphere of His infinite love for you. Long for your time together, always be looking forward to your next rendezvous, be excited about it, because you know he’s waiting for you at your favorite table, and Be Encouraged! -JSP

(1) Featured Image is a Quote by Dietrich von Hildebrand

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