Let’s Reason Together

Isaiah 1:18
“Come now, Let’s reason together,” says the Lord.”

This passage is the summation of the case the Lord made against Israel beginning in verse 10. Here God was using standard legal terminology that an attorney would use in court. God is stating His case against His people who have broken His law. Israel has been subpoenaed to appear before God so the matter can be settled.

The words “let’s reason” are being used in a legal sense and they carry the meaning “to set right,” “to show what is right”  “to decide.” or “to render a judgment.” God does not want to have anything come between He and his people. He invites them to state their case while He states His. In this way they can settle the matter that is causing the conflict and resume their normal relationship.

You’re Invited

God invites you to come and reason together with Him in prayer to settle any disputes or issues that may be hindering your relationship with Him. His love for you is such that He grants you the opportunity to state your case in His court of perfect justice and mercy.

Your prayers can at times resemble a court room setting as you and God meet together. He really does delight in hearing you plead your case before Him. Remember that His is a Supreme Court of perfect truth and justice where judgments are rendered in perfect love and mercy.

It may be that you are among the many believers who are not accustomed to praying along these lines. It does take some getting used to. This kind of praying builds your faith in God’s love for you as you continue to approach Him with difficult issues you are grappling with, or maybe it’s sin or other offenses that you have committed, or others have committed against you.

God will grant you some of the most amazing insights and practical wisdom to help you settle things between you and Him, or you and someone else. This kind of praying requires a degree of confidence in God and in yourself as well.

Reasoning Together

Reasoning together with God is a simple skill that can be mastered. You probably have done it many times already without realizing that you were doing it. Reasoning will of course require you to set your thoughts in order. Good communication begins with a well ordered thought life. Knowing exactly what to say and how to say it makes conversations a pleasurable experience.

Use the Scriptures in your conversations with God. State your case or your requests clearly; basing them on specific passages and promises as you understand them. Write down what God tells you in response. You will be amazed at how much you learn from God in this type of setting.

So begin to reason with God about questions and issues you may be facing. Learn to state your case clearly before Him. Be passionate when expressing your thoughts or feeling to Him, Be confident and be secure in His love for you as you do, and Be Encouraged. -JSP


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