90 Days of Prayer – Day Sixty Five “A Listening Heart”


90 Days of Prayer – Day Sixty Five
“A Listening Heart”

1 Kings 3:9
“So give your servant a discerning heart to govern your people and to distinguish between right and wrong…”

In asking for wisdom Solomon uses the verb “shāma” which appears over 1000 times in the Old Testament. Shama means “to hear,” “to listen to,” “to understand,” and “to obey.” Solomon’s main concern is leadership and how to rightly govern God’s people as king.

In essence Solomon was asking God for a hearing heart, the Hebrew literally reads “a heart which listens.” Once again you see from the Scriptures that more of an emphasis is placed on hearing God’s words than speaking them.

It stands to reason that hearing would precede doing or speaking if you are going to follow instructions. Jesus made it very clear that he only did what he saw his Father doing and spoke only what he heard his Father speaking (John 5:19 and 12:49-50).

Once again you will see that a hearing heart is required for all who will follow in the way of Christ and His apostles. You are prophetic by birth; being born again as a member of God’s family of families the Church. You have been given the ability to hear God’s voice so that you can accomplish His will on earth as it is in heaven.

You already have a hearing heart because Jesus said that his sheep hear his voice (John 10:27), you need only to develop your listening skills. You are born of the Spirit and have been enabled by God to walk in the Spirit.

Practice waiting in prayer to hear what the Spirit is saying. He only speaks what He hears and He too only does what He sees. Learning to follow the gentle promptings of the Holy Spirit will cause you to become familiar with His voice over time.

Developing an intimate friendship with the Holy Spirit will enable you to develop a heart that listens, this leads to simple obedience and fruitful living. A hearing heart will also naturally lead you into the operation of the Spirit’s gifts for the benefit of others.

Proverbs tells you that God stores up His wisdom for the righteous, and James instructs you to ask for wisdom when you needed it because God freely gives it. Solomon understood the value of a wise and discerning heart early on.

So develop a hearing heart by the practice of waiting on God listening for His voice, you will become accustomed to the blessings of two way communication with God. You will mature faster and become more productive as you grow in the Spirit.

Be one of the sheep that hears and follows, be a prophetic voice of reason and a source of God’s wisdom for those around you, Hear God’s voice daily and Be Encouraged.

John S Picarello

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