Be a Word Accountant

Psalm 119:13 
“With my lips I recount all the laws that come from your mouth.”

There is a powerful transformation of mind that takes place when you intentionally consider and speak the same words that God has already spoken. Prayer becomes an experience found nowhere else in this world, when God’s Word has taken hold of your heart, your mind and your mouth.

In the passage above David took an estimate of God’s Word while he was praying. The word “recount” here means “to count,” we all know that counting is a mathematical exercise. In recounting or taking an estimate of those things God has said, David was “writing an account” of things spoken by God.

The Ledger of Truth

In accounting you have a ledger that will tell you where you’ve been, where you stand now, and what your prospects are for the future financially. Imagine the benefit of having a ledger of God’s words to you, a ledger that enables you to see where you’ve been, where you stand now, and what your prospects are for the future from God’s perspective.

Have you spent time writing an account of those things God has spoken to you? Have you experienced the strengthening of your faith by rehearsing His Words? If you know that faith comes from pondering God’s Word until it becomes real in your heart, then you know what power awaits you when you are intentionally thinking, writing, and speaking God’s Word in prayer. 

Imagine the power that will be generated in your time alone with God if you began writing an account of all He has said to you, and took an estimate of what those words are worth, and how much they mean to you, and their implications for your future.

Begin the habit of writing God’s words down and speaking them to Him in prayer. Discuss the promises and your past victories with Him. Meditate on His Word until you become one with His ideas. Experience the joy of the Spirit lifting your emotions and strengthening your faith for today and for the future.

Ask the Holy Spirit’s help in writing your own account of God’s Word, let those words move you to act on His will. Align yourself with God’s plans for you, Think on them, act on them, speak them in prayer with all confidence, and Be Encouraged. – JSP