90 Days of Prayer – Day Fourteen

The Lifestyle of Prayer
Colossians 4:2
Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.
Devoting ourselves to a lifestyle of prayerful intimacy with God has many benefits. There is a direct link between a lifestyle of prayer and a growing fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Just as continued practice brings a proficiency in anything we do, so to with prayer. Continued heart to heart dialogue with God sharpens our sensitivity to the Spirit’s gentle promptings, and to God’s voice as well.
Continual asking develops a maturity for continual receiving. A growing cooperation with the Holy Spirit in prayer brings a greater confidence, joy, and desire for more prayer. As we are continually mentored by the Spirit in the art of fellowship with God, we will be continually maturing in the skillful art of answered prayer, for ourselves and for others.

Be Encouraged to continue practicing the art of prayer!

John S Picarello

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